Sea transport

Sea transport needs different stages. The organization has to be carefully planned according to precise scheduled times.
The planning starts from the taking charge of the goods from the sender warehouse, the port of discharge, the shipping and delivery from the port to the consignee warehouse.
Thanks to our partner network all aver the world we can offer a monitored sea transport of your goods because we work with all the companies from and to all the greatest ports worldwide.
We grant you every day:

  • PROFESSIONALITY – the steady evolution of this kind of international transport and the related customs regulations have allowed us to build a team of highly skilled consultants to assure our clients a very successfull and customer-tailored service.


  • FLEXIBILITY – we support our clients with made-to-mesure services. Our highly specialised consultants support the customer across every shipping stage: from the choice of the best way of transport to the final destination and goods delivery. For this purpose we always use modern updated technologies.


  • RELIABILITY & SAFETY – we specialised in customer service. Customer assistance and care grant good and custom-fit services, for all types of goods: from common products to dangerous and valuble ones.

Our real time tracking systems allow us to be in direct contact with operators so that we can always update and monitor the delivery stages.

Our sea freight service

We can cover every destination, offering throughly assistance all over the shipping time.

We have an on-site agent network in specific strategic points. We assure goods safety and service transparency.