Air transport

Air transport is today essential to ease the economic globalization and social progress. It helps raising the international goods traffic and the competitivness of our country.

Even if it has particular characteristics it is always worth to take into consideration its real usefulness.

Advantages of air transport

  • SPEED: air freight is perfect if you need an urgent delivery.


  • SAFETY: the risks of goods damages are lower. This kind of transport is perfect for fragile or valuable goods


  • LONG DISTANCES: you can reach every world destination, in a very short time, perfect to perishable goods.

Air transport is much used. It needs accurate pick-up times and precise deliveries. A perfect sinergy between shipping planning and customer care is fundamental.

Our long-standing experience and our professionality in this sector allow us to grant flexible, safe and tailored solutions to yelds at the best every issue.
We take care – as for all deliveries managed by ITC – of the management of customs documents and all the issues related to goods shipping by air up to their delivery and also the choosing of the most favorable Incoterms.